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EagerLED quality control system ensures every pixel to be top quality pixel.
EagerLED quality control system mainly composes of the below four steps:
1. Raw material quality control system
2. Production procedure quality control system
3. Aging, assembly production and finished product waterproof testing
4. Packaging and loading

1. Raw material quality control system

Temp and humidity controlled warehouse. Dust- free and antistatic protection for all raw materials.

Voltage, current and brightness uniformity testing
performance secures quality of LED lamps


LED lamps appearance, such as shape, encapsulation,
and material color and down-voltage quality
inspection and control.

LED lamps wavelength, color temperature,
brightness, and wave edges study ensures
the LED lamps’ uniformity.

Cabinet metal part and PCB quality control
with salty, humidity test equipment.

Silicon glue testing ensures the silicon glue from
raw material supplier will not crack and decay,
which ensures products’ waterproof system.

2.Production procedure quality control system

Module, cables, power supply and control
system temp and humidity programmable testing

Brightness, color temperature and wavelength
of LED sample module and LED display panel

SMT, Tin printing and Soldering positioning testing

SMT and electronics components position quality inspection.

Wave soldering for LED lamps to PCB board,
and other connection components positioning
and soldering joints.

The machine can control the quantity of glue
and maintain the modules dried in a perfect

3. Aging, assembly production and finished product waterproof testing

Module aging testing ensures the working
performance and uniformity. Test modules’
voltage, current, resistance and capacity.

Waterproof testing ensures outdoor products meet
IP65 requirement. This machine will dip the
cabinet inside water for 3 minutes.

Display aging test ensures the control system,
ventilation system , power system and supporting
system working together for at least 72 hours.

Transportation imitation to test the durability of parts
assembly production line and ensures the
products won’t loosen during

4. Packaging and loading

Reinforced wooden package and using
foam cushion inside the package to well
protect the products.

We use forklifts to load the products,
which could ensure stable and safe mov
for the products.


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