We Are Looking for Distributors!

EagerLED is always accepting qualified dealers to join our international dealer program. EagerLED is a leading LED display solution leader and manufacturer in China, providing LED displays for various indoor and outdoor advertising applications. As an EagerLED dealer, you will receive special offers and promotions, as well as our exceptional customer service and technical training services.

Why Become an Eagerled Distributors?

Becoming an EagerLED reseller partner will provide you with abundant opportunities and support to help you succeed in the LED display industry and achieve business growth together.

Highest Quality and LED Technology

EagerLED display has a good reputation around the world, also focus on Novastar, Meanwell, Colorlight, etc. All Material With High Quality and Reliability.

Incredible Technical Support

By providing excellent technical support, partners of EagerLED can ensure that customers get the best experience during use.

Factory Price For EagerLED

We need to communicate effectively with dealers, so we need good written skills in English. Make sure we understand each other’s needs and expectations.

How to Become a Distributor Partner?

By meeting these criteria, you will be able to become a reseller partner and enjoy reseller pricing and the opportunity to maintain a good relationship with the company. .

Initial Order

New resellers must place orders totaling $50,000 to receive reseller pricing, and $50,000 can be the total of multiple orders.

Amount Order

To maintain your dealer status, annual gross sales are required to reach $300,000 each calendar year.

Good English Command

We need to communicate effectively with dealers, so we need good written skills in English. Make sure we understand each other’s needs and expectations.

Support After Becoming a Distributor

When you become an exclusive distributor partner of EagerLED, you will usually enjoy a series of special policies and support to help you better drive sales and maintain partnership.

Exclusive sales

You gain exclusive rights to sell your products in a specific territory, creating a unique position in the market.

Special Discounts

As an exclusive distributor, you will enjoy special pricing and discounts to increase your competitiveness.

Technical Training

EagerLED provides technical training to ensure that you can solve problems in the process of selling products.

Sample Support

EagerLED will provide samples to dealers at the best price to help you develop the market.

The Type of Partners We Are Looking For

You will have multiple options to become an EagerLED partner to meet your business needs and fully leverage your advantages.

Exclusive Distributor

You can become the exclusive general agent in a country. We will fully support you to provide strong products and services for your market, and share local inquiries and project opportunities with you.

Local Dealer Partners

You can choose to become a local reseller partner. You can use EagerLED’s brand or your own company’s brand for sales. We provide OEM services and support special customization projects.

Single Project Partner

For introducing projects or assisting EagerLED to obtain orders, we will transfer the commission to you at the end of the month after shipment, achieving a win-win situation.


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