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LINSN TS952 4K LED Sending Box with 4 Ethernet Output Ports is Coming

LINSN TS952 sending box with 4 ethernet outpurt ports, supports single color, double color and full color LED display. Its most distinguished feature is that it supports 4K video sources input. The maximum resolution it can support is 2.6 million pixels.

LINSN TS952 features are as following:

1) 1 DVI input;

2) 1 HDMI input;

3) Support 4K video sources input;

4) Readback function of RCG configuration file from receiving card;

5) Support receiving card configuration file (.RCG) broadcasting function;

6) Support display connection file(.CON) broadcasting function;

7) Support video input of 12bit/10bit/8bit;

8) Support 16bit gray grade;

9) 1 audio input;

10) 4 RJ45 output ports, supports video sources with resolution, 2560x1024, 1920x1200, 2048x1152,etc.

11) Video formats supported: RGB,YCrCB4:2:2,YCrCb4:4:4;

12) Support man-machine interaction through LCD

13) LED screen brightness adjustable directly through knob;

14) No PC required for LED screen configuration;

15) Cascading supported;

16) 1 light sensor interface, for automatic brightness adjustment.

LINSN TS952 sending box will be available in 2 months. LED screen users can use TS952 to run your large LED screen with LINSN system. Contact us for the best price now. Email: manager@eagerled.com, Whatsapp: +8615220133050 .

LINSN TS952 4K LED Sending Box with 4 Ethernet Output Ports


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