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Linsn VS Novastar in the Eye of China LED Screen Suppliers

Linsn VS Novastar in the Eye of China LED Screen Suppliers Linsn VS Novastar in the Eye of China LED Screen Suppliers

Linsn and Novastar are the top 2 control system brand of LED screen in China. More and more new LED display buyers ask us questions like what is the difference between Linsn and Novastar and how to choose from Linsn to Novastar.  As one of the China LED screen suppliers, it is necessary for us to write an article about Linsn VS Novastar.

Refer to the history, Linsn has longer history than Novastar. Linsn technology company was established in 2003, while Novastar Tech was founded in 2008. LED screen suppliers in China have started to use a lot of LINSN controllers since 2006.

Regarding to the market share, Novastar has much bigger market share than Linsn at present. From 2006 to 2012, Linsn ranked first on the market share, which was about 70%. Novastar started to promote their control system in 2010 and 2011. However, Novastar grew up quickly since 2011, and they have beat LINSN since 2013.  Now Novastar covers about 70% of the LED control system market, while LINSN covers 20% or so.

Concerning the business scope, LINSN focus on synchronous control system all the time.  Novastar supplies synchronous control system, asynchronous control system, video processor and the related software.

With regards to services, most China LED display suppliers say Novastar offer better services. That is the reason why Novastar beat Linsn in such a short time, only several years. But we can not say that Linsn services is bad. Linsn Technology company have kept engineers in overseas countries for technical support all the time. And in China, they paid more attention to services since 2017.  We do hope that LED screen suppliers and users can get more benefits from Linsn PK Novastar on the services in future.

When we compare the goods, we have to mention the price. Novastar has higher price than Linsn on the synchronous control system. But it is not so big, about 20% higher.

Our company EagerLED resells both Novstar and LINSN systems with competitive prices. If you would like to buy them, please click the following links: Novstar LED control card , Linsn LED control card.  If you have any more questions about LINSN and Novastar, please contact us.


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