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Our Latest 2018 LED Display Screen Catalog is Available

2018 EagerLED LED Display Screen Catalog

We are glad to inform that our latest 2018 LED display catalog is ready. Thanks for the hard work of our marketing department. They have worked on it three months before and have revised it many times. They did have made great contribution to the EagerLED marketing and sales.

2018 EagerLED LED Display Screen Catalog

There are 14 kinds of LED displays are listed on our catalog:Outdoor fixed installation LED display, Indoor fixed installation LED display, Outdoor rental LED display, Indoor rental LED display, Adaptable rental LED display, Polymeric magnetic front service LED display, Indoor mirror poster LED display, Outdoor dual maintenance LED display, Indoor magnetic front service border LED display, indoor die-cast magnetic front service LED display, transparent glass LED display and indoor HD LED display. Compared to 2017 LED screen catalog, we have added new products: polymeric magnetic front service LED display, indoor mirror poster LED display and transparent glass LED display. These three kinds of new products are becoming popular in the market. We believe many customers will like them.

You can download our new catalog by the following link. Any query or inquiry, please contact our sales department. Thank you very much.

Download link: LED Display Catalog-EagerLED@2018


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