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Taurus Series Novastar T3 LED Multimedia Player Released Soon

There is a good news from Novastar that they will release Taurus series multimedia player in the coming two months. PSD100, PSD100-WIFI, PBOX100 and PBOX150 are the first generation of Novastar multimedia players.  Now the second generation is coming,that is, Taurus series,including T3, T6, TB3 and TB6.

Now we include T3 to you. It has the following advantages.

1) Synchronization display

2) Powerful processing capability

3) Omnidirectional control plan

4) Dual-Wifi mode

5) Redundant backup

Novastar T3 LED multimedia player

To get more info about T3 player, please contact us by manager@eagerled.com .   We will send you the specification and pricing info. 


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