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What is the right front service LED Sign you are looking for in 2017?

What is the right Front Service LED Sign you are looking for?

Are you struggling in finding a high quality while not so expensive front service LED Sign Manufacturer here in China. You may have experienced the following instance.
1. Is your sign come from China not the same as you expected?
2. The power supply of your LED Sign is not reliable and usually brokened, even can't get necessary support from your supplier.
3. Is your LED Sign get rain leakad after a period of usage? It will be great potential dangerous issue.
4. Your sign have problems like low brightness, bad color uniformity, even low fresh rate.
5. You can't find proper control method for your sign.
Front service led sign
Are you ever facing any of the above problems, when trying to find a reliable LED Digital Display Sign in China. Yes, you do can get a lot of quotations after you enquired in Alibaba, Made-in-china etc platform. You are not trust what these quotation has stated even the salesman promised. Cause you have been frauded for times.

Shenzhen Eager LED Co., Ltd is a professional LED Display, LED Sign manufacturer here in Shenzhen China, we have dedicated in LED Display business line for more than 8 years. We are very care about the material and quality control, Our goal is to supply the oversea market with a reliable while very competitive price LED Sign. But what makes us so confident on our LED Sign Product? Let me show some difference the LED Sign of our competitor's and ours.

1.Front Open LED Sign Cabinet Structure Features

We Customized LED Sign Cabinet, Our LED Sign Cabinet is well designed and used standard 1.2mm iron plate which is stronger for hanging or wall fixed or fixed on stand pillar. which Also has strong cooling fans, Stenthened Waterproof grade and Hydraulic support rod。Angle iron fixed on the standing pillar on single side, or in the form of back-to-back double side LED Sign.

back-to-back front open LED Sign

2. Power systems of Front Open LED Sign

we optimized the power cable which used UL/CE listed Power cables and well treated inner module to LED Power supplier Cables which is reliable and safe, and also our power cable connect are applied CE Standard.The power supply we all use Meanwell LED Power supply, which is low failure rate by the moment.front open led sign power supply and power cable

high quality front service led sign Power and power cable

3. Front Open LED Sign control system

We have made every type of Control mehtod LED Signs, such as the Wireless WIFI Asynchroneous controller, The Sync/Async dual mode LED Controller. Also they are able to work with Multi-funcitonal card with Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Auto-just the brightness stick to the sunshine radiation. Also the Monitor card which enable the function of smoke moisture monitor etc.

front led sign intelligent <a href=https://www.eagerled.com/LED-Control-System.html target='_blank'>control system</a>

Novastar PSD100 wifi asynchronous control diagram

Novastar PSD100 WIFI asynchronous <a href=https://www.eagerled.com/LED-Control-System.html target='_blank'>control system</a> diagram.

4.  Click Through to the P10 Front Service LED Sign Video


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