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  • NOVASTAR PCC80 Offline LED Control Card
NOVASTAR PCC80 Offline LED Control Card

NOVASTAR PCC80 Offline LED Control Card

  • Model: Novastar PCC80
  • Control capacity: 384x256 pixels
  • Support audio output
  • Support secondary development
  • Product description: PCC80 is the simple version of Novastar offline LED control system. It is a good solution for small-medium size LED signs.

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NOVASTAR PCC80 Offline LED Control Card Introduction:

1)Remote publish play-program;

2)Remote monitoring the current play information;

3)Remote control power supply;

4)Play as per time segment or according to date, week and time;

5)Self-adapting window display;

6)Multiple clients synchronous display;

7)Support a variety of media formats, such as videos, images, text, weather, clock, countdown, word, excel, txt, etc;

8)Support audio output;

9)Support emergency insert play, immediate notification;

10)Remote manage the playback log;

11)U disc export and insert-and-play;

12)Support remote upgrade of application software and hardware programs;

13)Loading capacity: 384x256;

14)Support 16 single card outputs 16-group of RGBR data, 20-group of RGB data, 24-group of RGB data;

15)Full-scale chip support: TI, Toshiba, MBI, Siti, Sumacro, Mingyang and other series of products.

16)Support full color static to 32 scan, real pixel/virtual pixel;

17)Field frequency as 60Hz;

18)The gray level is settable, and support 16 bit 65536 level gray to the maximum;

19)Refresh frequency: scanning screen can achieve 3840Hz and static screen can achieve 6000Hz;

20)Support brightness correction and chromaticity correction;

21)Support the open-short test of MBI5036, MBI5034, MBI5039, DM13H;

22)Support all monitoring states of MON300(monitoring working state, temperature, humidity, smoke, switching power supply voltage, fan speed and single lamp open short of each cabinet);

23)On-board 1GB storage;

24)On-board temperature and voltage test;

25)Support(with the optical probe NS048C) automatic brightness adjustment;

26)Support secondary development.


NOVASTAR PCC80 Offline LED Control Card Specification

NOVASTAR PCC80 Offline LED Control Card Terms&Conditions:

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Packaging: strong cardboard carton.

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