EA-iFixedF Indoor Fixed Installation LED Display

EA-iFixedF indoor LED display supports front-maintenance design, has a lightweight box, and adopts high refresh rate and high grayscale SMD packaging technology, making the indoor fixed-installation LED display screen more vivid and smooth when in use.

EA iFixedF Indoor LED Display

Front Service Design

EA-iFixedF LED screen front maintenance design makes maintenance convenient and quick. With the electric vacuum clamp, ordinary people can replace it.

Easy Maintenance

EA-iFixedF LED screen can maintain the LED power supply and receiving card after disassembling the LED module at the front.

Lightweight Cabinet

EA-iFixedF series LED screens support customized cabinets. The lightweight cabinets are spliced with screws, which is simple and convenient.

High Efficieny Cooling

EA-iFixedF indoor fixed LED display cabinet has a good heat dissipation hole structure, which can be cooled immediately during use, making it stable and reliable.

Good Visual Effect

EA-iFixedF indoor fixed installation LED billboard has high contrast, high refresh rate, excellent display effect, and higher reliability and stability.

Application Scenarios

EA-iFixedF indoor fixed installation LED display screen is widely used, supports installation in various indoor places, and can be used in many fields such as business, entertainment, education and so on.

Fixed Installation EA-iFixedF Indoor LED Display Parameter


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