500x1000 Professional Rental LED Display EA1000C4 Series

EA1000C4 Series  has two quick lock devices on the left and right sides, which can ensure faster assembly speed and better screen flatness.
It also has anti-collision feet at the bottom of the cabinet to protect the edge of the LED module.
EA500C4 and EA1000C4 Can be installed together up and down , left and right.

Quick Install

EA1000C4 series LED screen Two Fast Locks on Left and Right Side,Ensure faster assembly and better screen flatness.

High Precision Curve Lock

High Precision Curve Lock design is adopted to solve the problem that the old curved lock is difficult to use before.
Rotational control, more accurate, easy to use and quickly adjust curve degree.

Curved Installation Support

EA1000C4 series LED display can be installed in inner arc or outer arc.

Free Splicing

EA500C4 series and EA1000C4 series can be installed together up and down, left and right.

Corner Protector for LED

EA1000C4 series LED sign has four corner protectors in each corner to prevent LED to be damaged,
more security for transport, installation, operation, assemble & disassemble foldable design, and easy to use.

Lightweight and Thin

EA1000C4 series LED display cabinet weighs 13KG/pc, easy to operate: one person to install, disassemble and maintain.

IP65 Dustproof And Waterproof

The EA1000C4 series outdoor LED display supports IP65 dustproof and waterproof,
it can resists severe weather conditions during outdoor activities. And die-cast aluminum is corrosion resistant.

Wide Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is up to 140° vertical and horizontal, providing a wide viewing angle.
Ultra-wide viewing angle give you the largest screen viewing area. It offers you clear and natural images in all directions.

Outdoor 500x1000mm Rental LED Display EA1000C4 Series Parameter

Indoor 500x1000mm Rental LED Display EA1000C4 Series Parameter


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