EA1600SP 1600×900mm Stadium Perimeter LED Screen

EA1600SP series are professional LED displays around stadiums. 90-degree upright support frame, soft mask protection, high-protection chassis panel design, ultra-low heat and power consumption, in line with the stadium perimeter LED screen requirements of FIFA and UEFA.

Front and Rear Service

Dual service mode of front and rear design to save you Maintenance Cost.The LED panel can be assemble and disassemble easily and quickly.

Soft mask protection

Soft mask protection, athletes and LED screen are perfectly protected.

90 Degrees Upright

The new court base design, 90-degree upright non-adjustable support frame, ensures the audience’s viewing angle

Safe passage Design

When an emergency occurs, people in the stadium can fold the LED screen to form a safe passage and escape quickly and easily.

Corner Design

The outdoor stadium perimeter LED screens we are proud of are innovatively designed in a foldable form, seamlessly spliced at the corners, and perfectly fit around the stadium.

Energy saving

Aluminum chassis, long service life, good heat dissipation performance, more energy-saving than traditional screens, greatly reducing the operating cost of the screen.

400*300mm Aluminum LED Panel

EA1600SP Series LED display adopts Aluminum Chasis design for panel. Aluminum chasis adopt edge lock without screwing design. full sealed design, to protect its internal components.

Support Frame Rotatable

The support frame of the cabinet body can be hidden after being rotated.

Delicated Cabinet Design

EA1600SP series LED display screen is compact in structure, easy to install without gaps.The humanized handle design makes it easier for you to move the cabinet.

Outdoor Stadium Perimeter LED Display Screen EA1600SP Series Parameter


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