EA160ES Outdoor Energy-saving LED Display

EA160ES LED display is a new generation of outdoor fixed installation LED display. It has energy-saving modules, low power consumption and IP65 dustproof and waterproof characteristics. It also supports curved surface installation and is very suitable for outdoor billboards.

Sturdy LED Cabinet

EA160ES LED display screen includes two types of cabinets, namely a straight screen cabinet and a curved cabinet. It supports 90-degree curved surface installation and is suitable for fixed installation on building exterior walls.

90° Curved Display

EA160ES LED display board supports 90-degree curved surface installation, presenting a naked-eye 3D display effect and stimulating people’s interest in advertising.

Delicate Cabinet Design

EA160ES outdoor fixed LED display product is light in weight and compact in structure, and the back cover is easy to open and maintain.

High Efficieny Cooling

Each cabinet of EA160ES has a built-in airfoil fans to cool down the LED display immediately.

Energy Saving

The energy-saving LED module adopts a unique PCB design, which significantly reduces power consumption and has energy-saving technology to help you save a lot of electricity bills.

Superb Display Effect

In commercial display applications, the high brightness and high refresh rate of EA160ES LED screen bring users more realistic visual effects.

IP65 Waterproof

The protection level of the cabinet is as high as IP65, which is weatherproof and dustproof, raising the protection level of the LED display to an extremely high level.

Application Scenarios

EA160ES LED display billboard is specially designed for outdoor fixed installation and is suitable for commercial plazas, commercial activity venues, billboards, etc.

EA160ES Outdoor Energy-Saving LED Display(960x960mm) Parameter

EA160ES Outdoor Energy-Saving LED Display(640x960mm) Parameter


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