EA250WH1 Indoor Wallpaper LED Display

EA250WH1 is suitable for home theaters, ultra-thin small-pitch LED walls for shops, front maintenance design, wireless connection between modules and cabinets, and multiple sizes for selection.

Front Service

EA250WH1 LED video wall does not require rear maintenance access, saving installation space and structure costs.

Light and Thin cabinet

The ultra-thin LED cabinet does not require any structure, and the thickness is only 31mm, which is thinner than other wallpaper screens.

Wireless Connection

LED module data and power input plug-and-play design, no need for additional DC power lines and cables, easy to install, save trouble and effort.

More Size Options

The screen size can be customized according to the 250x250mm module: 500x250mm; 750x250mm; 1000x250mm,a variety of sizes to meet your screen size needs.

Right Angle Installation

EA250WH1 wallpaper LED screen can be cut at 45 degrees and spliced at 90 degrees, making it suitable for installation on right-angled walls.

Wall Mounted

EA250WH1 LED screen is mounted on the wall without any other structure and is easy to install.

Indoor Application

EA250WH1 wallpaper LED displays have a wide range of application scenarios in indoor applications, including home theaters and indoor advertising screens in stores.

High Definition Display

In indoor applications such as home entertainment and commercial display, the high contrast ratio and high refresh rate can also bring users more realistic and vivid visual effects.

EA250WH1 Indoor Wallpaper Front Service LED Display Parameter

*Remark:The EA250WH1 series is available in 3 sizes
(500x250mm / 750x250mm / 1000x250mm)


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