EA3D-VR Outdoor 3D VR LED Display 3D Billboard

EA3D-VR LED display is a high-tech advertising 3D LED display board. The product uses a number of core technologies, supports curved display, presents naked-eye 3D display effects, and stimulates people’s interest in advertising.

Front and Rear Service Design

Designed with front and rear dual service, the LED panel can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly, saving you maintenance costs.

Cable-less Deisgn

The power and data cables of the LED display are hidden at the bottom of the panel.

Energy Saving

Thanks to the updated PCB, ICs and power supply design, EA3D-VR LED display board are more energy-efficient than traditional outdoor screens.

90° Curved Display

EA3D-VR LED display can be customized with 90° curved cabinet to achieve 3D display effect.

Superb Display Effect

In commercial display applications, the high brightness and high refresh rate of EA3D-VR LED screens bring users more realistic naked-eye 3D visual effects.

High Quality LED Module

Die-cast aluminum LED modules are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. The module uses a radiator to increase the heat dissipation area and dissipate heat quickly.

IP66 Waterproof

The protection level of the cabinet is as high as IP66, which is weatherproof and dustproof, raising the protection level of the LED display to an extremely high level.

Application Scenarios

EA3D-VR LED display billboard is specially designed for naked-eye 3D large screens, and is suitable for commercial plazas, commercial activity venues, billboards, etc.

EA3D-VR Outdoor 3D VR LED Display Billboard Parameter


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