EA500H7 Indoor Curved Rental LED Display

EA500H7 indoor curved LED display adopts a quick-lock design around it and is made of durable and beautiful materials. It supports inner and outer arc bending installation, which is convenient and fast, and improves the flatness of the picture.

Quick Install

There are two quick locks on the left and top of the EA500H7 series rental LED screen to ensure faster assembly and better screen flatness.

Curved Installation

EA500H7 rental LED screen uses a special LED module and supports curved installation. Sliding controls the arc, accurately adjusts the curve, and is easy to use.

Curved Shape

EA500H7 rental LED screen supports installation on outer arc and inner arc surfaces, and splicing into cylindrical shapes.

Retachable Back Cover

EA500H7 rental LED screen power box is a hard-connected design that can be quickly disassembled and installed through buckles.

Corner Protector for LED

EA500H7 rental LED display signage has four corner protectors in each corner to prevent LED to be damaged, more security for transport, installation, operation, assemble & disassemble foldable design, and easy to use.

Widely Used

EA500H7 rental LED display is widely used in various scenarios, including event sites, exhibitions, business meetings, etc. Its flexibility and ease of installation make it ideal for temporary events and long-term use.

Wide Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is up to 140° vertical and horizontal, providing a wide viewing angle.
Ultra-wide viewing angle give you the largest screen viewing area.

Indoor 500x500mm Rental LED Display EA500H7 Series Parameter


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