EA600COB1 16:9 Indoor COB LED Display

EA600COB1 COB LED screen adopts the latest COB LED display technology, providing a stronger and more reliable connection, ultra-light and ultra-thin body design, front maintenance, and easy installation and maintenance.

Small Pitch P0.78/P0.93/P1.25/P1.56

EA600COB1 COB LED Display

Full Front Service

EA600COB1 series indoor small spacing LED screen front maintenance design, maintenance is convenient and fast. The hot-swappable front LED module, combined with the electric vacuum clamp, can be replaced by ordinary people.

Wireless LED Module

LED module data and power input plug-and-play design, no need for additional DC power lines and cables, easy to install, save trouble and effort.

COB LED Module

COB LED technology offers superior pixel pitch, energy efficiency, higher contrast, smoother surface and better reliability for the ultimate viewing experience and lifelike colors.

Large Screen Splicing

This indoor LED display has a size of 600*337.5mm and an aspect ratio of 16:9. It achieves standard 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions and presents the most realistic details.

Ultra Thin and Light

The indoor LED display is only 30mm thick and weighs only 5.1KG, saving space and bringing a rich visual experience.

High Reliability

EA600COB1 series LED screens have become the first choice due to their excellent performance, which is mainly reflected in improving reliability. This provides a solid guarantee for the stable operation of the LED display, making it an efficient and reliable solution in indoor applications.

Unparalleled Visual Performance

EA600COB1 series LED display screen not only improves the brightness and contrast by reducing the pixel pitch, but also improves the viewing angle and viewing distance, making the display effect more outstanding.

Indoor COB LED Screen EA600COB1 Series Parameter


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