EA960SP3 Outdoor Stadium Perimeter LED Board

EA960SP3 stadium perimeter LED display features IP65 waterproofing, a rear service design, adjustable brackets, and easy installation. These attributes guarantee efficient operation in diverse stadium environments, delivering an outstanding visual experience to audiences.

Independent Support Structure

The support structure is meticulously crafted to endure both front and rear impacts while maintaining steadfast stability. The cabinet support angle can be easily adjusted to accommodate the specific on-site conditions.

Impact-resistant Design

EA960SP3 LED display is furnished with a soft mask and rubber cover to safeguard athletes from potential injuries during competitions.

Easy to Install

There are two quick locks on the top and left side of the cabinet to support quick installation. Cables between cabinets are connected through cabinet aviation sockets.

Openable Back Cover

EA960SP3 LED display boasts a compact structure, and its back cover can be swiftly opened to facilitate maintenance operations.

IP65 Waterproof

With a cabinet rating of up to IP65, the fully sealed cabinet of EA960SP3 LED display ensures exceptional weatherproof, dustproof, and damp-proof capabilities, elevating the overall ingress protection to a new standard.

Customized for the Stadium

EA960SP3 stadium perimeter LED display is purposefully crafted for placement around the stadium. Its captivating display effect and expansive field of view enable audiences to immerse themselves in thrilling content.

More Installation Types

EA960SP3 LED display screen offers easy installation, allowing for versatile hanging or stacking options. It is well-suited for both fixed and rental applications.

Superb Display Effect

EA960SP3 LED display excels in sports commercial display applications. Its elevated brightness and refresh rate deliver users more lifelike and vibrant visual effects.

EA960SP2 Outdoor Stadium Perimeter LED Display Parameter


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