Quality control of LED Display

Are you worried about the quality of the LED screen before paying the balance?
Do you want to know the complete LED display quality control process and details?
1. As a leading LED display manufacturer, EagerLED has a complete and strict quality control process.
2. EagerLED will conduct strict quality inspection on every step of LED screen production.
3. EagerLED will provide pictures and videos of LED video wall quality inspection and quality inspection checklist.

Before LED Screen Production

In order to ensure the quality of LED display screens, we need to develop a comprehensive quality control plan before production, including the selection of raw materials, checking product details and customer confirmation, and clarifying specific production requirements with the factory manager to ensure that the LED display wall meets high quality standard.

Quality material starts it all

Before production, we make sure to carefully review and confirm the quality of the raw materials to ensure that the LED display meets the standards of excellent quality.

Confirm LED screen solution with customer

After the order is confirmed, the product solution must be confirmed with the customer multiple times, including logo, accessories, structure, etc.

Confirm production details

This is the most important part. When arranging an order with the production manager, all requirements must be listed in detail to ensure that every link meets the requirements of the customer’s order.

LED display Production Process

EagerLED adheres to strict production processes and clean production workshop standards. We are committed to providing comprehensive training to our employees to ensure they strictly follow production requirements. Of course, we also pay special attention to quality inspection during the production process to ensure the excellent quality of the final product.

Dust-free production workshop

The dust-free production workshop ensures the brilliant quality of the LED display and enhances the stability of the LED display.

Precision production equipment

Precision production instruments play a vital role in LED display manufacturing, improving production efficiency and product reliability.

Multiplex testing

Through these multiple testing processes, EagerLED comprehensively reviews the quality, stability and reliability of LED displays.

LED module lighting test

EagerLED production team will check each LED module, especially the lighting test.

LED module aging test

LED module aging test is a very important part before LED cabinet assembly. EagerLED will perform a 24-hour aging test.

Full LED screen aging

After the LED cabinet is assembled, the entire LED display screen is built and subjected to an aging test for at least 72 hours.

After finishing the production

Before the LED display is packaged, EagerLED will ensure that there are no dead pixels, consistent colors, and compliance with international quality standards for LED displays. In order to meet your diverse needs, we provide you with two carefully designed packaging methods: flight boxes and wooden boxes. Whether you choose efficient air freight or affordable sea freight, ensure the safety of your cargo.

Quality Control Of LED Display
Quality Control Of LED Display

LED Display Certification

EagerLED is a leading LED display manufacturer, specializing in LED display manufacturing for more than 15 years, with strict control management and perfect after-sales service. EagerLED’s products have met global quality standards such as CE, RoHS, and FCC, bringing you a high-quality and reliable visual experience.









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