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EagerLED LED Screen Factory

      EagerLED is a leading LED display manufacturer, committed to providing high-quality LED display products to customers around the world. Our modern factory is located in Dongguan, China, with an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters, equipped with world-leading automated production equipment and efficient production lines.

       Our production facilities include advanced surface mount technology (SMT) equipment, professional production lines, assembly lines and aging lines, covering every link from raw materials to finished products. Provides a solid guarantee for the production of high-quality LED display walls.

LED Display Factory Production Line

LED Display Factory

LED Module Production Line

EagerLED LED display factory is equipped with first-class automated production equipment, which is the basis for us to achieve efficient and high-quality production. In particular, the surface mount technology (SMT) equipment we introduced can efficiently and accurately mount LED components on circuit boards to ensure the reliability and consistency of each LED display.

LED lamp bead baking

1. LED lamp baking

Baking is an important step to ensure the reliability of lamp beads. In order to avoid a large number of dead lights, SMD lamp beads are usually baked before use.


IC SMT needs to brush solder paste first, then paste IC, resistors, capacitors, power sockets, and signal sockets, and reinforce them in reflow soldering.


The lamp bead surface patch also needs to be brushed with solder paste first, then patched on the SMT machine, and reinforce them in reflow soldering.

4. Light on test

After the LED patch is completed, the first lighting test is carried out.

5. Brush three anti-paint

Three anti-paint can protect the PCB circuit board from environmental erosion; after curing, it forms a transparent protective film.

6. Install the bottom case

Fix the bottom case to the PCB with screws.

7. Glue filling

Outdoor LED modules need to be filled with glue for waterproofing, and they need to be left to dry after filling with glue.

8. Install the mask

Fix the mask with screws

9. QC test

LED modules that pass the QC test will be affixed with qualified labels.

Assembly and Aging Line

We ensure that the assembly of each LED display meets the highest quality standards. EagerLED has an aging line, which simulates the actual use conditions by running it for a long time, and finds and solves potential problems in advance.

1. LED module aging

After the LED module is produced, it will undergo an aging test for more than 12 hours to ensure that there are no problems before proceeding to the next step.

2. LED cabinet assemble

Skilled workers assemble the LED module, power supply, receiving card and cabinet together.

3. LED screen aging

After the LED cabinet is assembled, the entire display is built and subjected to an aging test for at least 72 hours.

LED Display Factory OEM Service

EagerLED provides factory OEM services and welcomes consultation and cooperation.

LED Wall Service

Brand Custom Logo

EagerLED can label all LED displays with your company’s logo.
LED Wall Service

Special Requirements

EagerLED can meet your special requirements while maintaining quality.
LED Wall Service

Privacy Protection

EagerLED strictly protect your supplier information.
LED Wall Service

Win-win Cooperation

EagerLED meet your production needs while promoting your brand.

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