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Best Rental LED Display for Stage and Event

The LED rental dislpay is a type of LED screen that is easy to quickly disassemble and assemble and is specially used for stage performances, cultural activities, and exhibition activities. It usually appears in the form of rental, so it is named as rental LED screen.

rental led display

1. What is Rental LED Display?

The main difference between LED rental displays versus fixed LED signage is that a fixed LED video wall will not move for a very long time. However, a rental LED screen board can be disassembled once a live event has been completed, such as a music event, exhibition, commercial product launch or other event.

This feature is a requirement that all LED display for rent should meet. They must be safe, easy to disassemble, and user friendly so that the installation and transport will not consume too much energy.

In addition, “LED board rental”, sometimes refers to “LED Video Wall Rental”, meaning that the rental displays tend to be large in order to accommodate simultaneous mass viewing.

rental led display

There are many types of rental LED display:

Indoor LED rental screen– due to the close viewing distance and brightness, indoor LED displays often require a small pixel pitch. The protection level must be IP31.

Outdoor LED rental screen – outdoor rental LED baord need to be protected from harsher conditions, such as moisture, heat, wind and dust. The protection level is usually IP65.

The brightness of the LED wall panel should also be increased, as brighter ambient light can cause reflections on the screen and result in unclear images for the viewer. Normal brightness for outdoor LED sign board ranges between 4500-5000nits.

2. Features of Rental LED Display

Before buying a LED panel rental, you should also understand its features. Then, you can estimate the additional effect that investing in a rental LED screen may bring to your project.

2.1 Ultra-lightweight, Slim Design

The LED panel rental cabinet usually measures 500x500mm or 500x1000mm, and is only 85mm thick. The LED rental cabinet is lighter than other LED displays. The weight of a 500x500mm cabinet is generally no more than 8 kg. The ultra-light and ultra-thin cabinets are easy to transport and carry. Therefore, they are excellent products.

2.2 Perfect Cabinet Design

The cabinet design is very unique compared to other indoor/outdoor LED displays. The main components are cabinet mounting slots, quick locks, magnet adsorption units, module mounting knobs, removable electrical boxes, etc. The appearance of the LED wall rental is not only very beautiful, but also ensures the stability of all different parts. The images displayed by the rental video wall with P2.5mm pixels or P3.91mm pixels are vivid and delicate, and the high resolution provides an excellent viewing experience.

LED Rental Screen

2.3 Exquisite Display Screens

Exquisite display screen is not only about pixel size, but also high-quality LED control system, driver IC, and top-level lamp beads. The pixel pitch of rental LED screen is generally between P2.5mm and P6mm. Large rental screen has high contrast, high refresh rate, clear picture, and high color reproduction.

2.4 Dual Service Design

Some EagerLED rental LED screen models adopt dual service design to reduce maintenance costs. Through the magnet adsorption device, the module can be removed for repair or replacement.

2.5 High Performance Protection

Whether it is an indoor rental LED screen or an outdoor L rental LED display, they have super high protection performance. They have excellent heat dissipation capabilities to ensure stable operation of the equipment. Especially the outdoor LED rental screen, its protection level reaches IP65, which can effectively withstand wind and rain, ensuring the reliability and durability of use.

2.6 Arc Rental LED Display for Stage

Most of EagerLED’s rental LED screens can be equipped with an optional arc lock, allowing you to adjust the degree of the curve more quickly to obtain the best image. Curved LED screens are divided into outer arcs and inner arcs to create different experiences for the audience according to the venue or installation environment.

3. What Can Rental LED Display Do for You?

3.1 From the Branding Perspective:

(1) This will encourage viewers to better engage with your products and services.
(2) You can use pictures, videos, interactive games, etc. to promote your products and increase profits.
(3) Advertising sponsorship can be a source of income.
LED screens for rent

3.2 From the Technical Level:

(1) High contrast and high visibility
High contrast images are more vivid and clear, and can be seen better in many situations.
High contrast LED rental screens offer excellent color and contrast.

(2) High brightness
Outdoor rental LED screen board can reach a brightness of 6000nits, which is higher than TVs or projectors.
Also, the adjustable brightness level is good for people’s eyesight.

(3) Customizable size and aspect ratio.
Rental LED panel can be customized in terms of screen size, aspect ratio, and screen type. However, TVs and projectors cannot achieve large screens.

(4) High protection
Outdoor rental LED wall can be rated up to IP65, while indoor rental LED board can be rated up to IP54.
The display is protected from dust and moisture by a high-performance protection system, which extends the life of the device and prevents any degradation of the gaming experience.

4. Why Rent a LED Screen?

4.1 Portable LED Display on Rent

Portable LED screens are lightweight and slim in design. The features of portable LED rental board make them easy to manage and move. You can display advertising information in different locations. Mobile LED screens will also help you reach more people and increase your sales.

4.2 Long-term Service

Fixed LED display screens are stable in location. If you buy an LED rental video wall, you will get long-term service. LED video wall rental service does not end with the end of the event. The rental LED display board will still perform well at the next event. Since rental LED display screens are versatile, energy can be saved.
By changing to models with different pixel pitches, you can rent LED display screens suitable for different sizes of viewing distances. You can easily implement different LED screens according to the size and quality of your venue. EagerLED provides high-quality LED modules. You can save money by purchasing only modules instead of the entire screen.

4.3 More Affordable Option

If your organization or company does not have the budget to purchase large fixed display, then opting for rental LED video wall is an excellent choice. Opting for installed rental LED display screen will save you money, as the cost depends on factors such as time of use and size. Whether you have a limited budget or are looking to save money, opting for LED wall on rent is an affordable solution.

4.4 Excellent Display Effect

More and more customers are renting LED screens to create stage backgrounds at outdoor music festivals, wedding venues, and theatrical performances.
The excellent display effect and stable performance of rental LED screen panels have attracted the attention of event planners and the general public. The amazing LED wall rental screens are accompanied by music and lights, creating an audio-visual feast for the audience.

5. Rental LED Display Price

5.1 Video Wall Rental Cost Calculation

(1) Modular LED rental display
Generally speaking, mobile LED screens are cheaper than modular LED screens. In addition, labor costs are also lower.

(2) Pixel pitch
As you may know, smaller pixel pitches are usually associated with higher costs and higher resolutions. Although finer pixel pitches can produce clearer images, it is still cost-effective to choose the optimal pixel value based on the actual viewing distance.
If your audience is 3 meters away from the screen, then a pixel P2.6 LED display is very cost-effective. It will save you additional costs. Consult us and you will get a reasonable quote.

(3) Outdoor or indoor use
In most cases, outdoor LED displays are more expensive than indoor displays. This is because outdoor LED displays have higher requirements for brightness and protection, etc.

(4) Labor cost
Labor costs will increase if the installation is complicated, the number of modules to be installed is large, or long working hours are required.

(5) Service time
The rental fee starts from the time the screen is shipped out. The fee is determined by the time required to set up and dismantle the equipment and install the screen.

5.2 How Much Does It Cost to Rent LED Wall Screen?

The cost of rental LED wall can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost depends on factors such as size, configuration, application, etc. If you are interested in getting a detailed quote on the cost of rental LED board, please contact us!

5.3 How to Rent LED Screen at the Lowest Cost?

How to get a price for hire LED screen panels? We will give you some extra tips on how to get a price for hire led display.

(1) Choose the right pixel pitch
The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price. The cost of renting a P2.5 LED screen may be higher than a P3.91 LED screen. The recommended viewing distance is 1-3 times the pixel pitch (in meters). If the audience is 5m away from the display, choose a pixel pitch of P2.97 to P4.81.

(2) Reduce the time required for an LED board rental project
In an LED rental project, time is money. The LED panel rental can only be brought in after the stage, sound, lighting and other elements are ready. However, transportation, receipt and installation all take valuable time. A good LED display can save a lot of time and energy and reduce costs.

(3) Avoid peak hours or book in advance
The peak demand period will vary for different events. Try to avoid renting during major festivals such as New Year, Christmas and Easter. To avoid a shortage of rental LED displays, you should book LED displays in advance.

(4) Prepare redundancy at a discounted price
Redundancy and spare parts can provide security for events. Many suppliers provide this part at a discount or for free. Make sure the company has employees with experience in repairing and replacing equipment. This will reduce the risk of emergencies during the event.

6. Where Will You Use Rental LED Display?

EagerLED offers both indoor rental LED signage and outdoor rental LED sign board. Rental LED display panels are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor events. We will show you how to use it.

6.1 Rental LED Display for Stage

Rental LED signage are suitable for stage backdrops at large concerts, cultural evenings and music festivals. Programmable LED boards can display different content according to the program, and work with the on-site lighting and sound systems to create stunning visual effects.

6.2 LED Screen Hire for Events

The demand for LED sign board is increasing among many event planners. Rental LED video wall are widely used in large events such as conferences, seminars and exhibitions, not only to display event details, but also to play personalized promotional videos. Large LED screens have become a standard part of event production. Rental LED wall panel stand out for their portability and high quality.

6.3 Rental LED Display for Product Launches

With the advancement of technology, product updates are getting faster and faster. LED display rental has become a common choice for new product launches of major brands. The large screen displays products from different angles and impresses the audience with customized videos.

6.4 LED Screen for Marriage Rent

Wedding LED displays have become a favorite in the industry. The combination of LED displays and gauze curtains creates a romantic and dreamy environment. LED screens are used to play photos or videos related to the wedding, which enhances the attractiveness of the wedding scene. Rental LED screens are gradually becoming a standard configuration for wedding stages.

6.5 Mobile LED Screen

Renting a mobile advertising truck makes sense. Mobile LED screens are a great alternative if funds are limited. Compared with modular LED screens, LED screen trucks have more flexible activity routes. In addition, you need to consider the difference in labor costs. Portable LED screens can be moved flexibly to display information from multiple directions around the venue.

6.6 Other Application Areas

The application range of LED rental screens is far more than that. It can be used in a variety of occasions. Some customers rent LED video walls and install them fixedly because they are easy to carry. The specific use method depends on your needs.

7. Rental LED Display Installation

7.1 Right-angle Installation

EagerLED EA500H6 rental LED display series can choose 45-degree angle cabinets, which can be spliced ​​into 90-degree angle screens. It is beautiful and stable, and can provide high-quality display effects at any angle.
rental led display

7.2 Arc Installation

EagerLED rental LED display screens can be equipped with high-precision arc locks to achieve arc installation, whether it is an inner arc or an outer arc. Taking EagerLED EA500C3 rental LED display screen as an example, the arc lock bends from -15 degrees to 10 degrees, and an inner arc or outer arc LED display screen can be installed.
rental led display

7.3 Hanging Installation

The size of the LED rental wall should be controlled below 6×10 meters as much as possible to ensure the safety of stage performers and LED rental screens. There is a hanging beam on the top of the truss, and the upper, lower, left and right boxes are quickly locked and fixed by quick locks and connecting plates.

7.4 Stage LED Screen Bracket Installation

The stage bracket is suitable for installing boxes with a size of 500x500mm or 500x1000mm. Install the base, columns and beams to form a frame. Splice the LED screen modules on the frame and connect the power and signal cables. Power on the test and adjust the screen to ensure the display effect. Finally, fully check the fixation of screws and connectors to ensure safety.

8. Why Choose EagerLED for Your Rental LED Display Manufacturer?

EagerLED LED, a professional LED screen solution provider based in Shenzhen (China), has exported its rental screens to over 90 countries around the globe. Our rental screens are known for their high-quality, professional technical support and excellent customer service. EagerLED LED ensures customer satisfaction through excellent after-sales services and quality. We adhere to the “quality first, customer service first” principle.

8.1 High Quality LED Parts

We work closely with suppliers like Linsn, Novastar, Cree, Nationstar, Epistar LED, Meanwell, G-energy, etc. Our products are reliable and stable because we use the best raw materials available in the industry.

8.2 LED Module Ageing Test

EagerLED guarantees that all LED display module will be subjected to a thorough and rigorous burn-in testing and professional quality inspection before they are shipped out to customers.

8.3 Three-day (72-hour) Aging Test

We promise to age test each LED display screen for three days (72-hours) in order to ensure high flatness, color uniformity and visual display effect.

8.4 Top Workshop Professional Worker

EagerLED is equipped with first-class automated equipment, efficient production lines and highly qualified workers. We provide LED products of high quality.

9. Rental LED Display FAQs

9.1 What Are the Costs Associated with the LED Screen Rental?

Pricing is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns when renting an LED screen. LED display companies don’t usually list their rental costs online because they vary depending on the event, location, function, availability and other factors.You can still use guidelines to get a general idea and estimate about the price breakdown.

9.2 Which Pixel Pitchs Are Suitable?

These are common pixel pitch values such as P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, P4.81. You should choose the right pixel pitch based on factors such as viewing distance, budget, etc.The right pixel pitch is determined by a number of factors. These include the viewing distance for your audience, the location of the event, the cost effectiveness, and many others. You should seek professional guidance from a reputable LED rental company.

9.3 Which Services Can Be Included in LED Wall Rental Projects?

When calculating the cost of a rental LED screen, consider making sure that the cost includes technical support throughout the rental period. For starters, it is especially important to choose a company that provides quality service. Experienced LED technicians are required on site to take care of installation, operation, and removal. Usually, audio and power equipment are included in the cost, but some services may cost extra, such as camera feeds and additional installers.

9.4 How Do LED Screens Differ from Tvs, Projectors and LCD Displays?

LED displays have a higher brightness and protection level. Choose LED screen if you want to install it outdoors, and have the content displayed clearly even under direct sunlight.

9.5 What Is the Quality Level of Your Products?

All our components, including LED lamp beads and LED controllers, are sourced from internationally renowned companies. This ensures the high quality of our products. We conduct rigorous practicality and quality tests on each LED display, including a 72-hour aging test, to ensure that the product is in optimal condition before delivery from a professional aging workshop. In addition, our experienced technicians and sales team have more than 15 years of industry experience, supporting our mature production lines and comprehensive services.

9.6 What Is the Warranty on Rental LED Display?

Our customers receive a warranty of 2 years, along with technical support for a long time and after-sales service. Customers are responsible for the round-trip shipping charges and component fees.

9.7 Do You Have Spare Parts in Case of Emergency?

We do. Our customers can replace LED modules themselves by using 2% of our spare parts.

9.8 Can You Provide Samples?

Yes, we can. Contact us to participate in our sample specials and we can send you samples of LED display modules and cabinets.

9.9 Do You Offer OEM or ODM Service?

We can. Your logo can be incorporated on the PCB, packaging, and cabinet. We can meet almost all of your needs with our strong OEM and ODM capabilities.

9.10 Does the LED Screen Rental You Offer Provide High Visual Performance?

We can manufacture LED displays with refresh rates up to 7860Hz, maximum brightness of 12,000 nits, basic requirements of 14-16-bit wide grayscale, and 140° viewing angle.

9.11 How Much Time Will the Setup Take?

In general, renting a mobile LED screen is less expensive than renting a modular LED screen. Set-up can be done in less than 30 minutes. The modular LED video wall is a bit more labor-intensive, and its time costs are determined by the size. Don’t forget the preparation time if your LED screen rental for events is large.

9.12 What Content Can I Display?

You can play almost anything on an LED wall – ads, videos, scores, camera feeds, statistics, and more. With decades of evolving display technology, the possibilities for content are vast. However, before sending your content to the screen, there are some key factors to consider, such as the resolution of the LED display and the video input/output. If the video source is not compatible with the LED rental wall specifications, it will result in wasted resources. Before your event, consult with the LED rental company for more information. They will provide you with some practical advice to ensure that your content is displayed in the best possible way.

9.11 Tv, Projectors or Rental LED Display, Which One Do I Need?

To choose the right media equipment, you can compare its features and specifications with your needs and consider the following questions:

(1) Venue type: If you are unsure about the venue conditions, first check whether it is indoor or outdoor. LED screens are the best choice for outdoor applications due to the ever-changing environment.

(2) Audience size and display quality: Will there be a large number of viewers watching at the same time? Do you need to get a high-quality display even in the sun? If you need a large, flexible display with adjustable brightness, renting an LED screen wall is a good choice.

In short, LED screens are a popular choice. Their low price and mature technology make them a popular option.

10. Conclusion

This article will give you an overview of the rental LED screens. We have also included its benefits, applications, prices and recommended a reliable LED screen rental company. You now know enough about LED rental screens to contact us for a special quote.


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