LED Wall Service

EagerLED provides LED wall Service, factory OEM service, shipping service, and technical support.

LED Wall Service - Factory OEM

EagerLED provides factory OEM services and welcomes consultation and cooperation.

LED Wall Service

Brand Custom Logo

EagerLED can label all LED displays with your company’s logo.

LED Wall Service

Special Requirements

EagerLED can meet your special requirements while maintaining quality.

LED Wall Service

Privacy Protection

EagerLED strictly protect your supplier information.

LED Wall Service

Win-win Cooperation

EagerLED meet your production needs while promoting your brand.

LED Wall Service - Shipping Service

Shipping from China to your country

EagerLED provides overseas shipping services with strong cost competitiveness. After the LED display screen is produced, we immediately contact the freight company to ensure the safe delivery of the goods. Some countries can provide customs clearance services without the need for an import license. Our partnered freight forwarders have over 15 years of experience, providing you with reliable shipping services.

Air Shipping

The speed is fast, usually 7 to 10 days, but the price is high.

Sea Shipping

Applicable to most customers, the shipping time is long and takes more than 1 month.

Door to Door

For sample orders, delivered by express company, speed is similar to air freight.

LED Wall Service - Technical Support

EagerLED must serve every customer well and establish long-term cooperative relationships. Helping customers solve their problems can make customers more satisfied. Therefore, if you encounter any problems when using EagerLED products, you can contact us and EagerLED will reply to you as soon as possible.

Contact Salesperson

By contacting your dedicated salesperson, you can clearly understand product information to solve problems more efficiently.

Video Connection

Conduct video calls through online chat APP to help the technical team understand the problem more intuitively.

Remote Control

Remote control software is available that allows the technical team to directly operate the equipment and help solve problems.

Solve the Problem

You will become an expert by working with a dedicated technical team to solve problems and learn solutions.

LED Wall Service - Warranty Policy

If you encounter any problems when using EagerLED products, you can contact us. The following terms are intended to ensure that customers receive transparent and standardized support in after-sales service.

Warranty Service:

1. During the warranty period, EagerLED provides free maintenance services.
2. If it is damaged within two years, EagerLED will provide a new power supply and receiving card for free.
3. EagerLED will bear the single transportation cost during the warranty period, and will not bear the cost after the warranty period expires.
4. After the warranty expires, EagerLED will provide maintenance services at preferential prices.

No liability or warranty is assumed for the following situations.

1. Unauthorized disassembly and repair;
2. Malfunction caused by misoperation or improper use;
3. Beyond the warranty period;
4. The serial number sealing tape is invalid or damaged;
5. Damage caused by natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.;

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