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       EagerLED, established in 2009, is a leading LED display manufacturer in China, providing LED screen for indoor and outdoor, established with Nationstar, Epistar, Novastar, LINSN, Meanwell , MBI, and other LED display material brands.

        EagerLED provides high-quality LED screens with multiple certifications such as CE, RoHS, FCC and UL to ensure the excellent performance of the products. Our professional sales team and technical engineers are at your service at any time.

        In addition, we also provide free technical support and comprehensive after-sales service. EagerLED looks forward to establishing a long-term strategic partnership with you for common development and win-win cooperation.

Hot Products

Provide high quality indoor and outdoor LED screen

EA500C6 LED Display


500x500mm Rental LED Display

EA1000C6 LED Display


500x1000mm Rental LED Screen

EA500H6 LED Display


500x500mm Rental LED Wall

EA1000H6 LED display


500x1000mm Rental LED Board

EA500C3 rental LED display


500x500mm Rental LED Display

EA1000C3 rental LED display


500x1000mm Rental LED Screen

Eagerled Rental LED Display


500x500mm Rental LED Signage

Eagerled Rental LED Display


500x500mm Rental LED sign board

Eagerled LED Display


640x480mm Front Service Indoor LED Display Screeen

EA169F3 LED Display


600×337.5mm Front Service Indoor LED Screen

EA250F LED Display


Front Service Outdoor LED Screen

EA960R3 LED display


960x960mm LED Digital Display Board

Eagerled LED Display Screen


Energy-saving Outdoor LED Screen Board

Eagerled 1000TOR LED Display


Outdoor Rental Transparent LED Screen

Eagerled Poster LED Display


640×1920mm Indoor LED Poster Display Panel

Eagerled Stadium LED Display


Outdoor Stadium Perimeter LED Display Board

Best LED Display Manufacturer

Provide various types of LED displays, such as rental LED display for stage, HD LED video wall for indoor, commercial LED board for advertising, transparent LED screen, poster LED screen for stores, stadium display for sports

Leading LED Display Manufacturer

Why Choose EagerLED? EagerLED is a leading LED display manufacturer in China. Choosing EagerLED means choosing a reliable partner.

LED Display Manufacturer

1. Professional Technical Team

Since its establishment in 2009, EagerLED has accumulated rich experience in the field of LED display wall. The company has a professional technical team that can provide full-service to ensure the high quality and stability of LED screen wall.

2. One-stop Solution

As a one-stop LED display screen manufacturer and solution provider, EagerLED is able to meet the diverse needs of customers. Whether it is a standardized LED screen board or a customized solution, we can provide professional support and services.

3. Strict quality control

EagerLED is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and standardized workshops. The strict quality control system ensures that every LED display screen shipped out of the factory has been strictly tested to ensure the high quality and consistency of the product.

4. OEM and ODM Services

EagerLED not only provides standard LED digital display board, but also provides OEM and ODM services to customers. Customers can customize LED display screen according to their needs to better adapt to specific markets and application scenarios.

5. Global Customer Recognition

Our LED display is widely used in billboards, stages, events, stadiums, conference centers, exhibition, airports, churches and commercial centers, etc., with footprints in more than 90 countries and regions, and has won the recognition and trust of global customers.

6. High-quality After-sales Service

Whether in the installation or use of LED display screens, EagerLED can respond to customer needs in a timely manner, provide comprehensive and professional technical support and services, and ensure that problems are quickly resolved.

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