EA640H1 Indoor Front Service LED Display

EA640H1 is suitable for indoor ultra-thin small-pitch LED video wall, front-service design, wireless connection between modules and cabinets, and excellent visual effects.

Full Front Service

EA640H1 series indoor LED screens are easy and quick to maintain. The Hub-connected LED module, combined with an electric vacuum clamp, can be replaced by ordinary people.

Wireless Connection

LED module data and power input plug-and-play design, no need for additional DC power lines and cables, easy to install, save trouble and effort.

New and Better

EA640H1 series is optimized on the basis of EA640F2 series. It adopts a hub connection design, a thin and light module, and a simple cabinet structure. It is worthy of your choice.

Large Screen Splicing

EA640H1 indoor front service LED Display is designed with 4:3 golden ratio,the cabinet size is 640*480mm. specially designed for a variety of 4:3 and 16:9 LED large screens.

Ultra Thin and Light

The indoor LED display is only 48mm thick and weighs only 6.7KG, saving space and bringing a rich visual experience.

Cabinet Details

This cabinet adopts high-standard industry-leading design, and the die-cast aluminum cabinet bottom shell is high-end and atmospheric. Equipped with a quick lock design, the installation and assembly are more convenient.

Unparalleled Visual Performance

EA640H1 series LED display not only improves the contrast by reducing the pixel spacing, but also increases the refresh rate, making the display effect more outstanding.

Indoor Front Service LED Screen EA640H1 Series Parameter


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