500x1000mm EA-OFloor Outdoor Floor LED Screen

EA-OFloor Outdoor Floor LED Screen adopts special designs in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, and heat dissipation performance. The front and rear protection level reaches IP68, and the floor tile screen can operate stably outdoors for a long time.

EA OFloor Outdoor Floor LED Screen

Module with Anti-scratch Mask

The module surface is equipped with a mask, convex design, and protective rubber ring to increase waterproof performance. The bottom shell of the module is equipped with a breathing valve to reduce thermal expansion and contraction and increase the service life of the module.

Easy Installation

Outdoor LED floor display supports a variety of installation methods. For outdoor environments, it is recommended to install above the ground. The installation method is flexible and can be installed flat (LED screen) or fixed on the wall (LED wall).

Front Service

With magnetic design,supports front service, save your time and energy to finish the maintenance.

Super Strong Load-bearing Performance

EagerLED outdoor floor LED display has a load-bearing capacity of more than 1500KG/m². Good load-bearing capacity is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the display equipment.

Interactive Induction

The LED module is built-in with a self-developed interactive sensing chip, which can produce real-time image sensing effects following human touch and stepping.

Front and Rear IP68 Protection

EA-OFloor outdoor floor LED screen adopts IP68 protection on the front and rear, and its special design allows it to be completely immersed in water. This means that the equipment can operate continuously in various harsh outdoor weather conditions.

EA-OFloor Outdoor 500x1000mm Floor LED Screen Parameter


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